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We are the most comprehensive learning and therapy centre for children with special needs. We are also the pioneer of online and home-based therapy in Malaysia. We brought in the best therapy from all over the world for the benefit of your child.

Benefits of Home Based Therapy



You or your loved one has easy access to our online and home-based therapy from everywhere in Malaysia. For those who lives in area that are lack of therapy services, our online and home-based therapy is the perfect solution.



All methods are proven effective even being conducted by parents at home. In fact, you can see faster and better results from the online and home-based therapy because parents are the best therapist.



All the therapy techniques are specifically design to be ‘Easy to Learn’ and ‘Easy to Conduct’ by parents. Parents can conduct all the activities at the comfort of their own time and place.



We strive to bring the most economic and effective online and home-based therapy for every parent to afford.

What We Offer


Homeschool parent coaching program


Online and Home-Based therapy


Online coaching, workshop and continuous learning for parents

We are experienced with children who:

Diagnosed disorders

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)



Global Delay Development (GDD)

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Cerebral Palsy

Down Syndrome

Specific Challenges

Attention span


Emotional disturbance


Sensory issues

Oral feeding and sensory issues

Development Delays

Speech delay

Social immaturity

Oral motor deficits

Intellectual disability

Poor motor development

Generally behind peers

School Performances


Reading and writing


Memory retention

Auditory and visual attention

Our Partners


Little boy at a therapist's office, sitting in a white chair in front of his psychologist in a rebellious manner

Online and Home-Based Therapy



THE FIRST STEP to seeking therapy for your loved one can be the hardest part of the process and feel very overwhelming. Our entire team, from administrators to therapists, understand this and we are here to help you with the process.