Who We Are

Oxford Integrated Learning Centre is a comprehensive learning centre for gifted and special needs children. We provide therapy services, home school, assessment and online learning for parents. Our methodology is based on the latest neuroscience findings in brain plasticity. It is now possible to achieve long lasting improvements in sensory, speech and language processing, which will boost attention, understanding and memory. This can lead to significant changes in emotional, social and daily behavior. Here are the services you can get:

Therapy services

We conduct therapy in 1 to 1 basis. All activities will be tailor according to the child abilities.

Home school

No matter, what is your child pace and needs, we are able to address each student’s special academic, physical, social and emotional challenges and work with you to help them achieve academic success

Online courses

Parents will be able to learn on how to help your child and conduct some therapy at home.


In our assessment, we will be able to assess your children current development, oral motor development, retained primitive reflexes, emotional and attention status

Train the trainer

For individual who share the same passions as we do, we welcome you to join our team in helping more children.

We are experienced with children who:

Diagnosed disorders

Autism spectrum disorder
Global Delay Development
Sensory Processing Disorder
Cerebral Palsy
Down Syndrome

Specific Challenges

Attention span
Emotional disturbance
Sensory issues
Oral feeding and sensory issues

Development Delays

Speech delay
Social immaturity
Oral motor deficits
Intellectual disability
Poor motor development
Generally behind peers

School Performances

Reading and writing
Memory retention
Auditory and visual attention


Therapy services

At Oxford Integrated Learning Centre (OILC), we use a specially-design multiple approach called “Brain Integrated Program (BIP)”. This program consists of:

Primitive and postural reflexes integration
Oral motor and reflexes integration
Auditory and listening integration
Multiple sensory enrichment
Complete workout for visual and vestibular systems

Brain Integrated Program (BIP)


Brain Integrated Program (BIP) aims to develop new response, either in physical, verbal, behavioural or emotional reaction to external or internal stimuli. When aiming to develop new skills, we need not only to instil a new way of responding, but also dislodge the old, often subconscious and automatic, reaction. It’s a process of breaking existing and building new connections in the brain. Our methodologies concentrate mainly on the building of new skills by replacing the old habits. By combining different approaches it is possible to speed up the dislodging of old habits, while at the same time introducing new skills. This is likely to be a faster and more durable way of achieving lasting change.


Homeschool for gifted and special needs children


The science of how children develop and learn is surprisingly new given the fact we have been educating children for many millennia. It is only very recently that scientists have started to investigate what happens in the brain during child development and how children learn, either formally in school or in everyday life. Most education systems we are using are still based on methodology developed over two hundred years ago. That is why, more and more children are struggling to adapt and learn in the mainstream schools especially gifted and special needs children.

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Virtual Classroom | Online Conf

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Our approach


In each theme we focus on a totally different subject. Themed units help children to see how...


When teachers use activities that make learning engaging and fun, students are more willing to participate and take risks.

Life Skill

We believe in teaching the essential life skills such as managing personal financial, social interaction and...


Therapy program will be embedded into daily lesson in order to make learning easy and applicable

“What Parents Say”

Our therapy services is available in both centre located in Puchong and Semenyih. For more information, Please contact or Book your Appointment Now.