What You Do Not Know About Dyslexia?

Did you find school difficult?

Do your children struggle and come home from class saying “I hate spelling and reading!”?
When you, or someone you love, struggles with reading or math, you may not only feel frustrated, but embarrassed. To deal with the stress, you avoid those skills altogether. You retreat or exhibit erratic behavior and lose your self-confidence.
Children who retain one or more primitive reflexes often have underlying developmental delays including reading difficulties. Half of the kids who retain ATNR show signs of dyslexia or have a diagnosis of dyslexia.

ATNR: Studies Show 50% of Kids with a Retained ATNR Primitive Reflex Struggle with Dyslexia.
When a child exhibits a retained ATNR, it significantly impacts their vision and reading skills. In fact, more than 50 percent of kids who experience a retained ATNR struggle with dyslexia. A child with these retained movements often experiences difficulty with crossing the midline activities (for example, bringing hand and arms to other side of body, kicking a ball across the body to the opposite side and eye tracking),have poor organizational skills, mood swings, poor reading comprehension, poor writing skill, and more. Maybe a simple task such as writing a shopping list seems hard for you.

This is a fact and reality that most parents do not realise and it is happening to our kids.

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