Darren Woon Dak Yin

Therapist and Educator

• Oral Motor Therapist • Oral Reflex Therapist • Primitive Reflex Consultant • Brain Integration Program Founder • Certified ILS Consultant • Certified SSP Consultant • Certified Voicepro Consultant • Certified Sensory Enrichment Therapist • Balametric Consultant • Lego Based Therapist

Therapist and Educator



溫德賢先⽣是⽜津綜合學習中⼼的創始⼈和治療師。 他是認證的感官體驗治療師(美國Mendability),⼝腔與⼝肌治療師(美國Talktool), 樂⾼積⽊治療師(英國劍橋⼤學⾃閉症研究中⼼),綜合聽⼒系統


(Focus),SSP聽⾳系統 與






溫德賢先⽣喜歡將桌遊與各種遊戲⽤於其教學和治療中。 他曾應邀在醫院和學校擔任演講者。 同時也是⼝腔治療⽤具與⽗⺟培訓計劃和許多其他講習班的培訓師。 他擁有有多年教育與治療特殊兒童的經驗,並在許多⽅⾯協助孩⼦取得突破。


溫德賢先⽣最近被英國Britishpedia 評為⾺來西亞教育領域的“ 2021年最成功⼈⼠”之⼀。


Mr Darren Woon is the founder and therapist of Oxford Integrated Learning Centre. He is a certified Sensory Enrichment Therapist (Mendability, USA), Oral Motor Therapist (Talktool, USA), Lego based therapist (Cambridge University, UK), Integrated

Listening System, Safe and Sound Protocol and VoicePro provider. He is also the certified HABA Learning Program trainner. .


Mr Darren Woon likes to use board games as an important tools in his teaching and therapy.

He is currently working on developing the

board game therapy. He had been invited to be a speaker in hospitals and schools. He is also a trainer for oral motor tools, parent coaching program and many other workshops. He has

years of experiences dealing with special needs children and help them to improve in many ways.


Mr Darren Woon had recently been honoured as the ‘Most Successful People in 2021’ in the field of education by Britishpedia