Darren Woon Dak Yin


• Oral Motor Therapist • Oral Reflex Therapist • Primitive Reflex Consultant • Brain Integration Program Founder • Certified ILS Consultant • Certified SSP Consultant • Certified Voicepro Consultant • Certified Sensory Enrichment Therapist • Balametric Consultant • Lego Based Therapist

Hello! This is my story.

Our story started when our first son was diagnosed as ASD at the age of 2. He was not talking a single words even papa or mama. Like most parents, we engaged the services of a therapist to help my son. The therapies do not turn out well, week after week, my son is not improving but he showed sign of regression. We knew something is not right. My son even started to have nightmare every night. After being advised by a doctor, we decided to stop the therapy services. Instead of a mutual ending, we were being told “If you do not continue my services, your son will remain in this condition until adulthood”. It serves as a wakeup call for both of us.

From that point, we decided to learn and become our own therapist for our son. Yes, it is the best decision for our son. He had improved so well. By the age of 3, he was no longer ASD. His diagnosis had changed to Asperger Syndrome. We keep learning and improving our techniques. We also started our centre to help more children with special needs. We believe every child can learn, just the way and time is different.

My Experience

Invited to be a guest speaker for Program Pendidikan Khas Integrasi (PPKI) SK Meru

Invited to be a trainer for speech therapist in HUKM

An oral reflexes trainer for occupation therapist and speech therapist