Lew Siew Fei

Therapist and Educator

• Brain Integration Program founder • MSKA Vice Secretary • MBL International Instructor • Certified Sensory Enrichment Therapist • Primitive Reflex Consultant • Balametric Consultant • Lego Based Therapist • Specialized in children art • F.B.D.O (Fellow British Dispensary Optician) • Braingym Practitioner • Certified Diet Consultant • Certified ILS Consultant • Certified SSP Consultant • Certified Voicepro Consultant • Oral Motor Therapist • Oral Reflex Therapist • Cognitive Behaviour Therapist

Therapist & Educator



Lew Siew Fei ⼥⼠是⽜津综合学习中




⼤学⾃闭症研究中⼼). 综合听⼒系统


(Focus),SSP听⾳系统与VoicePro 顾问,同时兼备德国HABA游戏式学习计划的师资培训师。


Lew Siew Fei ⼥⼠曾多次接受当地报章和⼴播电台访问。⽬前正积极投⼊研究与开发桌游游戏疗法。她是多个家⻓培训计划与课程的导师师兼培训师,她拥有多年引导特殊需求⼉童的经验,并屡屡成功协助孩⼦在各⽅⾯的发展取得突破性的进步。


Lew Siew Fei ⼥⼠最近被Britishpedia 评为教育领域“2021 年最成功⼈


Ms Lew Siew Fei is the founder and therapist of Oxford Integrated Learning Centre. She is an instructor of Movement Based Learning, a certified Sensory Enrichment Therapist (Mendability, USA), Oral Reflex Therapist, Lego based therapist (Cambridge University, UK),

Integrated Listening System, Safe and Sound Protocol and VoicePro provider. She is also the certified HABA Learning Program trainner.


Ms Lew Siew Fei had been featured several times in local newspaper and radio station. She is currently working on developing the board game therapy. She is a trainer for Movement Based Learning, parent coaching

program and many other workshops. She has years of experiences dealing with special needs children and help them to improve in many ways.


Ms Lew Siew Fei had recently been honoured as the ‘Most Successful People in 2021’ in the field of education by Britishpedia